Pet Dog Training Centre


Our puppy classes are held during the daytime and in the evenings during the week (please call for current time slots).  Despite being very well attended, we always have immediate starts available as, being the owners of the hall, we have the luxury of being able to start another class up as and when required.


The classes are held in our own superb purpose built dog training hall, which is approximately 150' x 30' and fully heated, the working area of which is carpeted for your puppy's comfort!  Pictures of our hall are available if you click on the "Hall/Field for Hire" button.


Our instructors have many years of dog ownership and tutoring experience.  All are actively involved in a variety of dog sports - Competitive Obedience, agility, heelwork to music and breed showing.


We believe that puppies should start their training as soon as possible, as it is much easier to shape their behaviour before any bad habits form!


The puppy classes are kept to a maximum of eight dogs to enable individual attention whilst also providing much needed socialisation and distraction training around other dogs and people.





We accept all breeds of dogs, and pictured right is Ella the Yorkie at four months old and Bodie the Rhodesian Ridgeback at five months old.  What a difference a month makes!  Very different puppies, but both learning to listen to their owners.

We tailor our lessons to suit individual needs.  Your puppy will be assessed by the instructor on your first visit, taking into account not only the breed but more importantly the puppy's character.  From then on, instruction will be provided to suit accordingly.

All our training is reward based, and we aim to provide you with a well mannered and happy companion (pictured left is Rizzo who has decided to help herself to her titbits!)

Ditto on the right trying to predict how tall Ella will be when fully grown!!


01449 711147 - 07775 588747

Cuba proving that he thinks two paws are better than four!!