Pet Dog Training Centre

These classes are available for all dogs, whether they have attended our puppy classes or not.  There are various sessions available during the week, both daytime and evenings (please call for current available time slots).


Here you will strengthen all the basics of training, i.e. walking on and off the lead, recall and stays with distractions etc.  However, once you have sound basic control, you will also have the opportunity to explore other activities such as Heelwork to Music, Agility & Competitive Obedience.


01449 711147 - 07775 588747

For our adult dogs, we sometimes set some jumps up so they can have a bit of extra fun.  Pictured left is Misty enjoying her turn over the jumps.

We will take you through learning how to read your dog and suggest ways on how to react accordingly.  This all helps to heighten the bond you have with your dog and will encourage him that you are much more interesting to him than other dogs.  We do a lot of distraction training, teaching the dogs to look to their handler rather than bothering other dogs, however close they may be.

When the weather is suitable we train outside in our fully enclosed paddock, where we can work on long recalls with other dogs milling about as distraction.