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Competitive Obedience is a sport enjoyed by many people around the country, with all breeds of dogs.  Most people are introduced to Obedience through attending pet dog training classes who then discover the enjoyment of training, for both them and their dog, and decide to take it to another level.


We have the privilege of having Joanna Hill attend and hold training days on two Tuesdays a month, and for a one week residential course over the summer, at the Pet Dog Training Centre.

Joanna Hill is one of the most innovative and influential trainers in the country. 

Jo's students follow her methods and principles across all of the dog sports, from Competitive Obedience, including Crufts Obedience Championship winners, through to Working Trials, Schutzhund and Heelwork to Music.

Under Jo's tutelage, you are certain to get the best out of your dog, as she tailors her training to suit each dog as an individual, rather than follow a 'one size fits all' mindset 


Renowned for 'thinking outside the box' and keeping up to date with current research on canine learning patterns and behaviours, Jo evolves her training methods to huge success using purely positive training methods.

For more information on Jo's training days at Stonham, please contact Sarah on 01284 767050


Jo also holds regular monthly training days in Nottingham, Newcastle, Rochdale, Coventry and two a month in Hertfordshire. If you are interested in any of these, please get in touch on 01449 711147 and we will pass your details on.